Camping culture is so fulfilling, we aren’t surprising more people want to live in their RVs full-time. We are excited to offer Georgetown Class A Motorhomes for a lot of people, especially individuals looking to live in an RV. Every RV in this line by Forest River is stylish, comfortable, and built-to-last. All of those qualities make for an RV that’s not just a good option for occasional trips – but for extended periods of adventuring. Here are a few things to keep your eyes on when you’re looking to buy an RV to live in.

Look for something comfortable when you’re parked and when you’re driving.                     

If you’re living full-time or even part-time in an RV, make sure you have the freedom to relocate as you please. You may stay somewhere for a few months then find your next destination is hours away. Comfortable driving arrangements are a must. Whether you are travelling solo, with a partner, or with a small group of people, you’ll be comfortable and safe in a Georgetown Class A while you drive to your destination. The motorhomes in this line are designed with the driver in mind, featuring power front sun shades, manual cockpit side sun shades, a passenger side work station, and a custom cockpit dash w/ ABS side consoles, drink holders, and charging outlets for mobile devices.

Make sure you can fit all your things comfortably.

Many people choose to live in their RV as a way to downsize.  Still, if you RV full-time, you’ll need to bring all your camping essentials and your necessary home amenities. The Georgetown line has plenty of storage options so you can fit everything you’ll need. The “SUPER STORAGE” rear cargo compartment from the Georgetown 3 series and the Georgetown 5 series is hugely appealing if you want to take your lifestyle on the road. All models feature rotocast storage compartments where you can store a variety of supplies. Be sure to check out our list of essentials to take on the road.

You should feel cozy, but not cramped.

RVs should have all the features that make you feel at home without overcrowding your space. When you’re buying an RV, you should always make sure you walk around and ask yourself: does this feel cramped? A well-designed Class A should never feel like that. Each floorplan in the Georgetown line carefully optimizes space so you can stretch your legs and move around. This is especially true with the Georgetown XL Motorhome.  These Class A’s are the perfect home away from home. They are roomy and with all their modern amenities, you definitely won’t feel like you’re spending time in an RV.

Go with something you know is well-made.

Forest River prides themselves on designing and producing durable RVs. We wouldn’t sell them at our dealership otherwise. When your camper becomes your home, you want to make sure you can trust your RV will hold up. Forest River inspects all units before they go out to owners. Additionally, Forest River will thoroughly check random units for an even more in-depth pre-delivery inspection. According to their website, “Units selected to go through PDI are checked for issues in electrical, plumbing, LP system, function, cosmetic, codes and standards, rain bay, and other miscellaneous tests.” Camping full-time should be relaxing, and with a reliable RV, you have one less thing to worry about.

The Georgetown Class A Motorhomes are a welcome addition to our line of RVs. These Class A’s are good for taking on long excursions that last weeks, even months at a time. They are a great fit for people ready to undertake a full-time “glamping” lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a tour of any model, or if you have any questions.

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