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Customers at Jim's Chili Sale

Customers from a Previous Chili Sale

Our annual Chili Sale is coming up on March 24th. Each year, our Chili Sale brings people from our camping community together. At this event, we offer special sales and serve some of the best homemade chili you can find in Ohio. In honor of the upcoming sale here at Jim’s, we thought we would give you some of the backstory behind our tradition.

The first ever Chili Sale happened about 15 years ago. Toward the end of the cold months, we really start to miss camping season. Jim wanted to come up with a special event we could host in March to get people excited for the upcoming RVing months. We figured serving chili would be perfect to warm people up, and it ended up being a great theme for a sales event.

The sale started out as a unit sales event and has grown from there. On the first ever Chili Sale, we put twenty families in new trailers, ready for the upcoming camping season. The event went even better than we predicted. Now, the Chili Sale is an even bigger success for both the dealership and customers. We still offer great deals on units, and now the sale extends to parts and accessories, too.

Preparing for Chili Sale 2018

Getting Set Up For 2018 Chili Sale

Customers loved the addition of parts and accessories so much that we stock up on new products just for the Chili Sale. Every year, manufacturers will send representatives to Jim’s Trailer Sales to help prepare for this tradition. Our staff and these reps spend about a hundred hours each year getting ready for the sale.

As for the chili recipe itself… we actually started the Chili Sale with canned chili. One year, a customer approached Jim with an affordable but delicious chili recipe. That was over eight years ago, and to this day, the chili you’ll eat at the sale is made by Jonathon Nichols. Jim and his family even get their hands dirty the night before prepping twenty gallons of chili!

We try to make each Chili Sale better than the last. We hope you’ll join us this year for a hot bowl of food and some of the best deals of the year! Let’s keep making this tradition a fun one. Mark your calendars for March 24th, and we will see you at the sale!

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