When you walk through our doors, you’ll experience the highest quality of service. Most importantly, you’ll gain peace of mind. Our RV service team members and RV repair team members have an average of 15 years’ experience in serving our clients and their RVs.

Beyond the basic full-service checks, we handle just about any job you throw at us from the small details to major updates and RV repair. We pride ourselves on bringing  the best RV service possible to our customers, both old and new.

Cleaning, conditioning and resealing siding and roofs

Your RV goes on all kinds of adventures with you, and will accumulate a lot of dirt in the process. Washing and waxing your RV a couple times per year is important to preserve the exterior of your camper. Thanks to their size, RVs can be challenging to wash and wax. You will need several kinds of brushes, sponges and other equipment to make sure you get the best possible clean without damaging the finish on your siding. We can help you pick out your RV-specialized soaps and waxes at our store. If you don’t have the space or time to tackle this project, we are ready to do the job for you. We can also reseal your siding and roofs while we’ve got your rig in the RV repair shop to keep your camper protected from water damage.

Exterior body and internal structure repairs

As your camper ages, you might need some exterior bodywork done. Sometimes, body panels need to be mended or replaced for a variety of reasons. Our service team members have experience dealing with fiberglass and aluminum siding.

The internal structure of your camper is just as important as the outside. When the frame is damaged, the support of your camper can be compromised. If you’re concerned there may be a problem with your internal structure of your camper, our RV service team would be happy to assess any damage. If they find anything, we will make sure it’s ready to go as quickly as possible so you can get on the road again.

Wiring and electrical work

When it’s time to do electrical work on your camper, give us a call.  Electrical problems are not only a hassle when you’re on trips, they can pose serious safety risks. If your air conditioning isn’t running smoothly, or you find your lights aren’t staying on, there could be a significant problem with your electrical infrastructure. It’s always important to have a basic understanding of how the electricity in your camper works so you can spot small problems before they grow. We can repair issues you may have in your RV’s wiring to make sure your camping experiences are as safe and fun as possible.

Appliance repair and replacements

Camper appliances are specially designed to work well within an RV. That means when it’s time to upgrade or repair them, you’ll need to reach out to someone familiar with their distinct features. You might have noticed an appliance isn’t working as well as when you first bought it. Our RV service team members can troubleshoot and determine what kind of repairs need to be done. Or, if it’s time to upgrade and replace an appliance, we can help you select one that would be great in your RV. Once we install your new appliances, we will make sure it’s working exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Special needs outfitting

We are ready to help you pick out a trailer and customize it to fit your unique needs. We can install lifts or ramps to make getting in and out of the camper as easy as possible. If you need extra steps or handles to make navigating your dream RV a little bit easier, we are happy to do that for you. Give us a call if you have any questions about how we can make your camper perfectly suited for you.

Plumbing and winterizing

If you own an RV, you need a reliable RV service team you can call for plumbing maintenance. Campers have plumbing systems that are very different from ones in houses. If you have a pipe break, or you end up with a leaky sink, hire someone who specializes in RV repair jobs. We recommend bringing in your camper for a routine check before your first trip of the season. That way, we can catch any potential issues and fix them before you hit the road.

Once temperatures start to drop, it’s time to winterize your RV. The Family Motor Coach Association shared seven essential steps to winterizing your RV. We have hosted winterizing sessions here at the dealership because we know how important it is to do this process correctly. Stop by our store for help picking the right products to winterize at home. If you would rather let a professional take care of this for you, we can prep your camper before the season ends.

Our spacious 8,000+ square foot service department allows our service personnel the advantage of having zero distractions from the hustle and bustle of our busy parts and sales departments.

And we only have the best technicians work on your trailer. Each and every one of our personnel are factory and supplier trained, and their skills are kept up-to-par with the investment we make in ongoing RVIA/RVDA continuing education programs. With this training, you can be sure when your vehicle is in for service, you will be in good hands.


We hope that you consider Jim’s Trailer Sales for your next purchase and establish a long-term relationship with us. You won’t be disappointed. Come see what our family can do for yours.

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